Exploring Quantum Many Body Systems with Modern Numerical Tools


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Course Description

This is a graduate course on applying numerical method to study aspects of quantum many body problems. It aims to develop or reinforce programming skills, numerical analysis skills, familiarity with some important problems in quantum many body physics, and their methods of solution.

Helps needed

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Marking Scheme

0.6 assignments + 0.4 final project


By the end of the course, the students will be able to:


computational physics

many body theory

Supplementary texts

Topics (see Syllabus)

Primary topics to be discussed are

Preparation and Help

This course is not about hard-core programming, nor about solving large scale computing problems. Mostly we will be writing little scripts for toy numerical experiments to gain understanding of some quantum mechanical problems. (The Julia language is easy to learn even for beginners in programming. Helps will be provided during tutorial sessions. Also, you are free to choose any language you like as long as you can explain and communicate your work effectively.)

The presentation of physics topics aims to be self-contained, but it is best to come prepared. This means remembering your undergraduate classical and quantum physics.

For documentation of codes and works, use of latex and markdown is recommended.

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